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Dr.Yamuna Gurrapu Primary care Physician Frisco

Dr.Yamuna Gurrapu

Primary Care Physician (PCP)

North Texas Medical Clinic Frisco.

Dr. Gurrapu is a Board Certified Internist with more than 8 years of experience serving the state of Texas. She has extensive experience as a hospitalist at major hospitals in the DFW metroplex – Presbyterian Plano, Medical Center of McKinney, Baylor Carrollton and Harris Methodist in Fortworth. She is a patient-centric physician and works diligently to provide the best comprehensive care to her patients. 

Dr. Gurrapu won several awards for the quality of patient care including the "most courteous Physician" award at Baylor Carrollton. For her consistent outstanding services, she was selected to the prestigious “Physicians Lead” program by Texas Health Resources (THR). Dr. Gurrapu completed her residency at Texas Tech University working in both Midland Memorial Hospital and MCH Odessa Hospital. 

She lives in Frisco with her husband and her two sons. She likes painting, dancing and gardening in her spare time.



From: Neji (
Date: August 9, 2016 at 7:50:06 AM CDT
Subject: recommendation

   It is with great pleasure that I write for my favorite Doctor, Yamuna Gurrapu. She is compassionate and caring doctor. She took care of my father when he got admitted for chest pain at Texas Health Plano. We were all amazed by her care, she sat down and listened to our concerns and you can see her passion for what she does. She was quick to start treatment and consult the necessary doctors to the treatment team.
   She was thorough with our discharge instructions and recommendations. We actually had to call her after two weeks to renew our prescription since we didn't fill the script on time. She was very helpful in getting that done and called us afterwards to make sure that we filled the script. I would recommend her to anyone. We need doctors like her who cares, listens, and gives time to their patients. Dr. Gurrapu, I say thanks to you my father is in good position now and he is very grateful.

Thank you Dr. Gurrapu!!!

-- Neji


From: Jennifer, RN, BSN (
Date: Sep 16, 2016

   As a registered nurse, I have worked alongside some of the best doctors in the area. 3 years ago, my health took a complete 180 turn. I went from a having a general PCP to now having a hematologist, GI specialist, rheumatologist, and a neurologist. I had so many doctors, that not one was on the same care plan as the other. It was a mess of appointments and medications. I thought as a nurse, I could handle it all on my own, but I was wrong. When you are sick and not feeling well, making sure that 4 other doctors know about every new little thing that pops up, well let’s just say, is impossible.
   4 months ago, I was hospitalized. Dr. Gurrapu was assigned as my hospitalist. She was there at all hours checking in on me and if she couldn’t be there, she was calling me on the phone. She listened to all of my concerns and took a step back to focus on the big picture. The big picture was a 38 year old with a huge amount of health issues and no direct care plan to put them all on the same path. At discharge, I asked Dr. Gurrapu for a referral for a good internal med doctor to oversee all of my specialists. She told me she was about to open up her own clinic in Frisco in about 6 weeks! I was sold…. I’ve waited 3 years, what was 6 weeks.
   Waiting those 6 weeks was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Since being seen in Dr. Gurrapu’s office for the first time, I now have all of my specialists on board. I even inherited a new specialist. She listens to what her patients have to say. She’s compassionate and caring and treats you as if you were her own family member. Dr. Gurrapu and her staff are quick to return any calls and treat you with courtesy.
   I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks will hold. My doctors are communicating, and I feel like I’m 10 steps closer to finding out the missing link. I appreciate Dr. Gurrapu and her staff more than you will ever know. I now not only have a true PCP, but I have a friend, a family….. a place where I feel I can truly go for help and have the assurance that all of my issues and specialties will be addressed.

Thank you Dr. Gurrapu!!!

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